Anti social.

So i deleted my social media account.
Its been a week.
And guess what? nobody cares or notice.
See, that is the problem about these social media accounts.
Everyday we wake up and the 1st thing we do? we check our phones for 'updates'.
Updates that , frankly speaking. Does nothing positive to our lives.

So how's it going being antisocial?
I think its good. I stopped looking at my phone cause i stopped wanting to scroll facebook or instagram. I still have twitter though lol.
I think i might as well uninstall that app one of these days.

I bought a book.
Yeah. I decided to go back to my favourite past time, reading and writting. Which i have abandoned due to ' lack of time '.

I am deppressed. I wanted to go and have it checked out, but there's this person advise not to first. That i should learn to control the feelings rather than get addicted to medicine.
I'm not sure i can handle the feelings sometimes.

Its empty.

How do you handle emptiness?How do you make it go away?
Right now the only way i can make it a little less painful is to cry. But i'm never a person who cries in front of people, its always on my own at night when the kids are asleep.