Between February to April. Lookout for Avengers: Infinity war!!

Let me start by dusting off my blog. Err .. my last post was in february this year! thank god this year lol. But my resolution of writting every week seems to go down the drain. Its already april, closing by to May.

Like what the hell happen with the time. Where did it go?
Blink and its gonna be May already. You might as well pack for your year end holiday hahaha.
So in March, nothing major happened except it was my birthday month. Let me see if i can find a photo celebrating it..
Yup, so twin and me celebrating our oldie day ..
We actually waren't looking forward for any celebration, might be because of the age thing lol.
But hey, age is just a number. I'm determine not to put that as a factor for me to do anything in the future.
Oh i have loads of stuff i wanna do after i get my freedom from my kids. ( When they grow up and don't need me anymore).
So april, i wanted to join the Aquarun in sunway on the 22nd. That's the plan for this month. Have not bought the tickets yet so you know i'm not really serious about it.
Can't wait for Avengers: Infinity wars to be shown. Bought the tickets already for april 26th, 2nd day of show so i can be the selfish spoiler to spoil the show on my social media lol.
So enjoy the photos of me which i have no desire to edit right now to make it look good.
Oh well, so this blog post is actually just about me. Hope you guys are good with your life.
Spill me some whats happening with yours in the comment box please, i'd love to know .



  1. I'm so excited for this show. My son can't wait for it and seeing this review makes us more excited!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you. Time really moves fast and before we know it, it's 2019 already. LOL

  3. HAHHA! i thought you gonna say about Avengers infinity war but you shared your fun here. Liked it and good snaps though | regards from Quora Gaffer

  4. Happy birthday to you and hope you will love your avenger movie on 26th April

  5. I haven't bought movie ticket yet for the show!! You are fast >.< Can't believe that first quarter of the year passes so fast!