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So yesterday on my offday i decided to get my teeth checked. I never liked going to the dentist. Its something that i take for granted. Most of people take for granted i think.
Like having your eyes checked, usually people won't go for an eye check up unless they already feel that they can't see or read the signboard anymore.
So like teeth, i feel my teeth are ok as long as i brush them everyday.
Boy was i wrong. Read on what the doctor had to say.

I decided to have my teeth check , well because i feel a kind of hurt at the back of my teeth. So yeah that was the main reason.
Off i went to this dental clinic i found online, situated in the busy area of kota damansara. Near the strand shopping area.

I manage to have a little chat with the dentist, Dr Ahbirami, the clinic has been around for 10 years! Super long and while i was there hubby chatted with other patients and they said they've been customers there for 6 years.
Well that ease a bit of my anxiety going to dentist haha.
I booked an appointment for scaling and polishing at 2pm but i called in to tell them i arrived a bit late which they willingly accommodate without any hassle.
I love spot on customer service. Thumbs up for that.
Now that i'm writting this i can't remember the last time i did scaling for my teeth. The process this time was fast and does not hurt at all. Dr Ahbirami job is really soft and you can be sure you are treated well.
I do still hate that grinding noise from the tools though.

After scaling it was a quick polishing time.
I love that my teeth was super shiny. All the stains from the addiction of coffee was gone.
Hmm .. This makes me want to do polishing on a regular basis. * looks at my purse *


Some photos from the clinic.

Perfect teeth eyh?

Relaxing with the water sound while waiting for your name to be called


The check up room

Walkway to the checkup room.

For  kids!

Me posing for the camera =D

With the Dr, thumbs up to you. Love the process.

Dr Ahbirami also thought me the correct way of brushing my teeth. 
Its up and down you guys. Not back and front.
Duhhhh ... Silly me. 
Reason for that is when you brush front and back the food won't get out from between your tooth. Up and down strokes will. 
For kids, it will be in a circular motion. 

Before you go, do call in to make an appointment so that Dr can cater to your needs without rushing.

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Address:  No. 43-2, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47810
Phone:  03-6140 7567
How to get there:


  1. This is a cute and seems relaxing dental clinic. I like it. I never hate dentists coz they make my teeth look awesome :)

  2. i am finding dentist nearby me in KL, and thanks for your sharing.
    Useful info too..


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