Beards brother BBQ

So last month, office sent me for a seminar on binocular vision.
Made me stayed indoor for 2 days straight so after the seminar finished i was desperately in need of a good relaxing stress reliever.
What better for stress relieving if not eating?

Besides shopping that is.
I was in KL town , suddenly all those food photo i saw on instagram just vanished. The memory of where all those places were, just suddenly disappeared.
Seriously, like when you want to find a hair pin and you won't find one. Not at that moment really.
"Masa nak ingat mana tempat makan yang best nak pergi, masa tu la hilang ingatan."
I finally decided on one place, the only place that i can think of at that time. I saw my friend posted on her facebook page various times, so i thought to myself that place must serve excellent food if she keeps going back.
So off i go to BEARDS BROTHER BBQ.
I'm expecting a bearded man with his brother , doing some sort of bbq?
hehe ..
Photo from Beards brother bbq instagram

Well, Beards brother bbq is situated in Tropicana avenue, if you are  not familliar with the area you can waze the place and you'll get there in no time. But if you're from Johor, well that would take like 4-5 hours lah kan.
Anyway, Beards brother bbq serves beef and chicken, barbecue style.
You basically have to place your order at the kitchen and take it at that moment.
They cook their beef before for 14 hours.
14 freaking hours.
Slow cook.

I can tell you honestly, i loved it. It seriously does melt in your mouth. I read the reviews before going and yeah was sceptical at first about the melt in your mouth thing.
I ordered the NAUGHTY SHORTY on the menu , didn't notice that they charge by grams. So the price did took me by surprise. It was rm32 per 100 g and i ordered the large portion around 300g without thinking just because i was super hungry.

So here is the price list for the menu.

Harga makanan di BEARDS BROTHER BBQ.

In case you're not sure about the portion size, here is a reference for you.

100G would quite small i think.

Sorry for the blurry photo, my 2nd daughter was busy pulling my hand at the moment asking for me to hold her.
*life of a blogger mum*
 Enjoy the photos !

I would love to try this out next time i decide to go back there. 

Their Jalil menu. 

Follow their social media account for more eye feast and tummy grumbling photos.
InstagramBeards Brother BBQ
Facebook: Beards brother BBQ
Call: 012-319 0962
How to get there: 

Word of advice, do call in first before you go there late in the evening as i've read reviews that most of the time their meats are SOLD OUT. Shows you how much love their getting.



  1. Beards brother BBQ nie macam best nya makan BBQ nampak berselera

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    Jingle Jangle Jungle

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  27. Angela Ricardo BetheaFebruary 18, 2018 at 2:56 AM

    Wow!! I am a huge fan of BBQ and this looks delicious and it makes my mouth-watering. yummy!!

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