My own challenge: 10 things that you are grateful for today.

I am using this font today so that it gives me a bit of pleasure as i can't effing afford a typecast typewritter right now. So yeah, i'll just pretend i'm using a typecast typewritter.
I just went through some of my
old post and the comments. Gosh i do miss that time, me talking and ranting and still people would read it. 
Sekarang ni bloggers buat duit je sob sob.
I tried to find some blog worth reading, but haven't found any yet. I am still following and visiting old blogs that i used to read so yeah please do keep on blogging ok ;)
I think i am going to start today with my 10 Gratefulness of the day.
This is how i'm gonna be positive with my life, i don't know if you can see it but i think i am on the brink of depression. self - diagnose lol. 
so here goes,the things i am grateful for today:
1. my kids are ALREADY in bed! and i get some few minutes for myself.
2. I tried to eat korean food today for the 1st time in my whole life. Which is super awesome. Talk about the dessert!
3. my phone is still functioning.
4. Todays sale ALHAMDULILLAH =)
5. Manage to prevent myself from splurging for stuff that i already have and owned.
6. Gosh this is hard. 
7. Got to watch underworld awakening. yup, just watched it like zaman bila entah di tayang aku baru nak tengok.
8. My baby is teething and having a fever, i'm just grateful she's not showing any tantrums.
9. Still living.
10. my family.

Okay, that wasn't so hard eyh... a bit hard.
we'll see how it goes tomorrow.
Stop complaining and start embracing life.


  1. Hey manje@pijot!

    i am reading and still here.

    whatever that you have gone through, i believe you can make it!

    hope you are doing good despite everything.

    Happy Eid 2017 to you~ =D