Things you didn't know about handmade jewelleries

Hai friends,

Reading this post here 7 things you didn't know about handmade jewelleries made me feel that i really really want to focus on doing this 'hobby' that i love. I love how i become less tense when i'm in the zone and
i love it how i feel when i've finish a product. 
Eventhough right now i don't have my own design and i take inspiration from everywhere, i still love the process of making handmade jewelleries.

In the near future i would love to learn how to solder metals and other stuff. Right now its just a part time leisurely hobby for me. 
oh well, hope i get to do what i love to do full time yeah?

these will be my next project after i'm done with my confinement ( i'm due any day now, already reaching my 40 week pregnancy lol)

pictures from google 

pictures from google 

yup, i'm into simplicity right now. 

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