Pe'el pregnancy kedua.

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hello friends,

its been awhile seen my last post hasn't it. I guess this pregnancy makes me too lazy to blog.
I have been 'preoccupied' with some other interesting stuff during this pregnancy. haha..

DIY stuff to be exact. So busy making new things and
learning new stuff i just don't have time to blog.
Now i am currently stopping my addiction in this new hobby cause i'm due to deliver. I'm already 39 weeks and i can't really stand it lol.

nak bersalin cepat cepat please.

right now i feel the past 9 months has been moving so fast.
So during this 2nd pregnancy i was so caught up with learning wire wrapping and diy candles. It really is stress relieving especially when i'm into the candle making.
very very stress relieving.

so i am going to post some of the first projects i made because a lady who thought me a bit about wire wrapping asked me to journal it down somewhere so that i can look back at my work.
Currently the easiest way is for me to blog about it.
Ingat nak buat journal macam trend terkini kan, tampal2 gambar and stiker, but i don't have time for that.

so here are some of the pictures. Some are even available to order at my website . More pictures at my instagram shop.

picture from the lady i learned how to do this pendant/hijab pin RIMAUMANJA

dangling hijab pin

2nd attempt at making a wire wrap pendant. Happy that its SOLD to a lovely person.

took orders for a mini tasbeeh 33 beads. 
my favourite work right now. still need improvement but these rings have been selling like pisang goreng!

These are wire wrapped herringbone pendant. Done for a customer who wanted a customized pendant.
Wire wrap herringbones using 26G copper wire. Still need improvement and not for sale.

my candles making addiction

i really love how the candles turned out. The wax need to be burnt in a certain temperature so that it will turn out with this kind of effect. Need to explain this in another blog post.

Mini votive candles

Mango scented.

Betul lah orang kata, lain kandungan lain peel dia. hehe, kali ni memang habis - habisan buat benda benda ni semua. 

Well, as long as i am happy ye tak?


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  2. Wow....cantik dan kreatif la sis...saya tak pandai bab2 macam ni...hihi

    1. Thank you hehe. Bila datang time rajin ada la hasilnya. Kalau tak, termenung jela tengok phone hehe.