I can't work with the system

hello twenty fifteen.
hows 2015 been treating you peeps? fine huh?
my early start was bumpy. 
stressed. emotional ride for a new year.
i feel so relieved now that its all over. 
thanks to my family , especially my parents for being so understanding ( eventhough i know they are worried about my future)
 hey, there's always a way,
And i always hold onto these words.
"rezeki masing - masing Allah dah tetapkan"

So no worries ya. Anyway, isn't there a saying
9/10 rezeki comes from berniaga? Yes, thats what i'm striving for now.

Basically speaking, i have found my muse eh?
i know now that educational slash medical line isn't for me as i am the lazy can't afford to study kinda girl. 
what with my little angel with me. i can't do it. 
i can't go to work half - heartedly doing work that i hate. 
When i was there, i pictured myself for the next 10-20 years and it scared the hell outta me. 
Made me depressed. Its like i don't want this work when i'm old. 
I just can't. 

Some people think its a dumb thing to do.
Leaving that life everyone wants.
A 9-5 job, ( mine was 6 to 5). 
A stable retirement income. 
A fixed weekend leave. 
Those benefits that everyone wants like for example the ease of applying a house loan. 

Yeah, most people dig that.
it is some what of alluring when you think about the retirement scheme. 
But i can always have my own savings right?
Go google Private Retirement Scheme if you don't know what i mean.

i think i need to get used to the look that people give me everytime i tell them what i did. 
all those looks. eye glaring at me. 
side smile as if i did something wrong. 

i have to get use to this. 

whats important now is i can wake up everyday with a smile =)

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