When people say they understand

they actually don't and can never do understand.

Well gues what, little gojes is at home today. Practising being away from her momma.
I feel like i'm the one who's gonna have separation anxiety bila balik kerja nanti. Anak aku rileks jek. tak heran pun mama dia tak ada *crying*

Look whose having fun!

i'm a bit under the weather today. Woke up at the wrong side of the bed i guess. Plus some comments i get from some people just bugs me off. makes me feel like i need a punching bag infront of me right now.
Seriously, how can you say to someone you know how they feel when you haven't been in the same situation?


I think i've supported my husband enough already and its really up to me how to deal with the issue. 
By saying that i'm not supporting him ( saying it directly or indirectly is just the same)  is just too much. People don't know what it feels or how it feels. 

Cakap memang senang. 
yes saying is easy BUT doing it is another thing . It ain't easy thats for sure.

On another note, i'm so happy today cause finally when i pumped milk for little gojes, the milk came out like OMG ( made me smile ).
At least something went well. I get to continue to supply to little gojes ( cause she doesn't want formula) 

So next issue is for me to decide wether i should commute from seremban to KL or just move to KL. 
By commuting i'll take the bus, which stops directly in front of HKL ( super awesome!). But i have to be at the bus station like super early ( 6am) and i'll get back home like late (8pm) , plus i have to menyusahkan my parents. Which is bad. 
Eventhough my mom insist to take care of little gojes, i just feel bad. Eventhough we'll provide a maid, but i still feel bad. 

Penat tau nak jaga toddler

So, i'll just pray first before i can decide. i just can't decide yet. 
not yet. 

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