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lol, ok i am going to be tiny bit sad after this. Padan muka aku la kan, siapa suruh bising - bising masa orang tu depan mata. ha, orang tu da pergi kerja jauh - jauh baru nak buat muka sedih cebek muka. 
Dah tak kena layan. 


I hope he does well over there. Hope for the best.
Doa yang terbaik. Usaha dan tawakkal jela yang mampu kita buat sekarang ni ye tak?
Kalau tak usaha macam mana nak dapat hasilnya. 
Hubby is going to work in kl again. After few months at my hometown things not working out, so he decided to give kl a try again.
Berniaga makan.
Big Arm Grill to be exact, google la ye kalau nak tahu itu apa.
Macam steamboat, tapi ini grill style.


serious tak tipu.

k la, irdina da bangun la . bye.

Coffee addict

i just love coffee.

Quote of the day

“No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice.”

Me ranting vs me being grateful

i just want to write today to express how grateful i am with my life.
Sure things look a bit 'hard'. What with having only me to provide for the family, hubby still job hunting and all those debts to pay.
I still believe there is a reason why God have this planned for me.
I'm starting to take things as they are. I don't expect more. I don't get jealous with others well being.
I no longer showcase what i have ( lol.. ok ok kadang -kadang ada la sikit2, can't help it).
I view life from another perspective.
Its hard really, thats why in islam, women cannot be the head of the family. because they are overwhelmed with their emotion rather than logic thinking.
and you know when a woman is emotional, everything is not right.

This situation does teach me to be more patient with myself and all around me.
I don't blame my husband, he's a good father to Irdina. loves her to bits. Its not like he's not helping me, he helps in things he can.

Oh well, back to life. About my SPA result.
SPA ( Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) malaysia is so funny.
I got a call in september asking me to fax or email some documents i didn't send out during interview, so i did fax to this pegawai pengambilan. Can't really remember his name. So no follow up after that and i just took it as he already received it. MY BAD cause didn't follow up.
So, in October , middle if october to be exact. I received an email from another pegawai pengambilan, this time asking me to send in the documents ASAP.
ok, i sent them in. And she replied she received the documents and i stopped the story there.

tick tock tick tock, nearly end of October, i get a call from another pegawai pengambilan SPA, saying i need to send in my documents.


sampai 3 kali kena send in dokumens, to 3 different people. Whats more funny is the 2nd person i sent the documents to was said to went on a holiday.

effing holiday.

And to top this whole story, this lady whom called me to email her the documents ASAP (again) which i did send ASAP (again) told me she would reply my email when she received it but no...nothing. no reply.
SO, i did what i had to do , i called back the number she called me. None answered.
It took me to the extent i had to use mr google and typed in ' Pegawai pengambilan SPA' and i got a list of these pegawai's office number. SO i called every single number on the list untill i came to the 4th number, there was a guy answered it ( thank god).
Guess what, that effing lady said ' Oh dah terima dah' ( while laughing in the background)

You can guess how annoyed i was.


" Wahai jiwa yang tenang, kembalilah kepada tuhanmu dalam keadaan REDHA lagi diredhai. Masuklah dalam golongan hambaku yang soleh, masuklah dalam SYURGAKU"

sesungguhnya balasan bukan dari makhluk, tapi dari KHALIK. Allah s.w.t tidak pernah terlepas pandang dengan apa yang kita minta & lakukan.

mungkin kita minta dan minta, tapi masa nya belum tiba.
Bersabarlah wahai hati.

my mom whatsapp that to our family group. yup, we have a group, its called ladies & 1 gentlemen.
hehe, well the words helped me today.
tq ma.

I had enough of facebook for now. Buka2 je baca itu ini. like seriously aku tak ada kerja lain dah ke?
don't wanna waste my time with facebook. Time, which is a luxury for me right now.
Kalau tidur tu macam taknak bangun. astaghfirrullahalazim.

k lah.
Irdina da bangun.

Siapa siapa yang suka berselfie boleh baca ni. Siapa ada iphone 6 lagi cool!

nah ...
mesti try test ni.
nanti aku pun nak try hehehhe
orang yang suka berselfie boleh la try ye.

nantikan donut selfie by me hehehhehe.

Coolkan hehehehe.