Why do woman nag so much?

men, they're too busy preoccupied with their stuff to even notice that a single hai or 'ayg da makan ke' would make a great deal to us.

and then they say if they could reach for the moon and stars they would ( puhlease ... )
heck, we woman don't want the moon and the stars.
All we want is your cooperation, commitment, understanding. Be a bit passionate when talking to us rather than talk to us but your freaking eye is looking at the phone screen.

What we really want is for you to do the house chores.

Mop the kitchen
sweep the floor
do the laundry
hang the damn laundry
do the kids laundry pulak

all this without us asking for it, cause when we do ask for it, it'll feel not right, it'll feel like we're ordering you to do it when in fact we don't want to be the general of the household, we want to be the sweet naive wife.

yeah, too much cursing today.

why do woman nag so much?
because of you men.

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