when life gives you lemons.

What the heck do you do with them? make lemonade?
what does that even mean.

when life gives you lemons, you make lemonades. Basically it means you do whatcha gotta do.

If it ain't broken, fix it. Is that correct? i don't know.
What we're talking about here is, when hard things happen you just don't stop with your life. You go pass it. Or through it. Whichever suits you.

Which lately hard things have been happening to me. Shitty things. I can't really blame anyone. Its what we call fate. You can't blame fate can you. You just have to go through it, or pass it. If you can punch it i'd be the first ya know. You can get in line.

Has anyone ever heard of Pandora. the bracelet. not the box.
yup, that thingy thing. Well i've been eyeing on it for a looooong  time, practically asking for hubby to buy one for me every single chance i get. ( it doesn't work mind you).
So i've been saving a bit here and there, selling a little bit of little stuff like panna cotta ( dadih in Bahasa to be exact) just to make extra cash cause i don't want to buy stuff like these with the paycheck i get, i just feel like its a waste, so i make small efforts to cash up, which is a BIG thing for me. Saving up and me don't really go along very well. We always go different ways.

Back to the story, i've manage to hit my target and then it happened.
Life gave me lemons.
To put it nicely, sweet sweet lemons.
my car brokedown. jeez ....

those lemons really know when to show up don't they?

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