fever is hitting my family.
First hubby got it from only god know where, then me and Irdina got it. Now the whole family is sick.

But its not this sickness thats bugging me.
eventhough there would be no rest for a sick mom with a toddler.
 what bothers me is this woman who keeps pestering me with her message.
She bought a used camera from me ( which is functioning well when i had the camera) and now when i've sold the camera to her, she says its not functioning?
Like what ...
We had a COD meet up for her to try the camera and it was working just fine. And all of a sudden the next day she text me saying the camera won't turn on.

It was like really weird i tell you.
Weird cause the camera won't turn on.
Weird cause why are you looking for me to blame when the camera malfunction during your keeping.
And now she wants me to share the cost of repairing it.
i'm not sure i want to share the cost but we'll just see the total cost.
She even threaten to post my picture online if i didn't pay up. (  which i respond with a go ahead and make me famous remark lol). yeah, bukan senang nak jadi popular kan kan kan.

really, if i went to buy something ( this is a 2nd hand item mind you), and the thing got broke when it was with me , i wouldn't have the nerve to ask the previous owner to bare the cost of repairing with me.

Like hello ...
ko pergi beli baju, da balik rumah baju tu koyak and tak boleh pakai ko pergi kedai tu balik ke minta ganti rugi??

with this cough it really makes things like this more irritating.


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