Samsung bluetooth keyboard

So i wanted to buy this.
Kengkonon nanti nak blogging senang lah kan.
Macam lah blog ni menjana income utk aku kan.

I've always liked keypads. Blackberry mmg aku suka lah.
But, i like big screens tooooooooo ya know. And bb is just SMALL. So small. The screen. Small. 


So ada percanggahan di situ.
I dunno why tak ada handphone yang big screen WITH A KEYPAD.
Ok ok ada.
Samsung ada keluarkan.
Samsung something2. I can't remember it. Tapi tak best. Speck dia very the .... hmm lemau.

Camera belakang 5 megapixel je. Depan 1.3 megapixel. 

1.3 je...camne nak berselfie lol. 

K lah. Bye. 

We'll see if i will buy it. But for now maybe lots of other things to do with the ching ching. ( moneylah)

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