Pengubat hati

Kalau hari tak begitu bagus, saya tengok dia.
Tengok gambar, tengok dia tengah tidur.
Tenang balik hati ini.
Syukur sangat, terima kasih ya Allah untuk rezeki yang tak ternilai ini.
I love you my baby girl.

Samsung bluetooth keyboard

So i wanted to buy this.
Kengkonon nanti nak blogging senang lah kan.
Macam lah blog ni menjana income utk aku kan.

I've always liked keypads. Blackberry mmg aku suka lah.
But, i like big screens tooooooooo ya know. And bb is just SMALL. So small. The screen. Small. 


So ada percanggahan di situ.
I dunno why tak ada handphone yang big screen WITH A KEYPAD.
Ok ok ada.
Samsung ada keluarkan.
Samsung something2. I can't remember it. Tapi tak best. Speck dia very the .... hmm lemau.

Camera belakang 5 megapixel je. Depan 1.3 megapixel. 

1.3 je...camne nak berselfie lol. 

K lah. Bye. 

We'll see if i will buy it. But for now maybe lots of other things to do with the ching ching. ( moneylah)

the thrift sh0p

well thats my facebook page. basically a page where me and twin sell our unwanted- not used anymore- bought but never used stuff. So we build that page. yeah build.
Macam susah sangat. Sonang je sebenarnya. Just click2 and then there you have it. A facebook page.
Patutla orang senang2 nak buat page kutuk mengutuk ni kan.
opps out of topic lol. 

So here is the link to our page, you can check it out.

thethriftsh0p - beware you might buy something =)

So after a few months, my sister decided she wanted to sell clothes. OKlah, so biar jela kan.
Its not like we're going serious about this thing.
Last two weeks i promoted my hubby's Longchan drink. Longchan drink is something like a soda drink but less sugar and less carbonated. Its quite good actually. Our favourite since childhood.
Siapa siapa nak borong or beli sebotol dua, bolehla contact
Amli 011-11210125.
Harga boleh tanya dengan empunya badan k.
sempat promote lagi tuuu

Back to the shop. I think i'm addicted in making ad by facebook. which is not good right now or is it good?
I DON'T KNOW. Tapi the first trial in using it ada la dapat feedback. best juga. habis stock kitorang hehe.

k bye. nanti sambung balik bila ada time

Pray for Gaza


You're killing the palestinians in this holy month.

Childrens, mothers. Fathers and sons.

Do you know they will go to heaven?
Yes, that is what our god has promised.
They have died in Ramadhan. Jannah's door is open widely.
Inspite of the terror you have done, they still stand firm.
That is how strong their faith is.

We will pray for you, our brothers & sisters. The smallest thing we can do now is to pray.

And to our brothers & sisters, jannah is waiting for you. 

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