why some people act like a bitch!

what a way to start the year laa…i hate it when i’m being gOOd n peoPle do shit to ME! i can’t do nothing more..just leave..LEAVE! just hope for the worst to HER..yeah..u heard me rite, ak ni pendendam org nye. ak punya la layan pompuan ni yg bernama fiza bt ape ntah nama bapak dia…die bleh plak wat taik dgn ak..cittt!!!
rilek jela kan..after all,with her way of life,i don’t think she’ll make it any where (other than living in clubs dncing to techtonic! )..kihkihkih..welll GOOD LUCK with that!
now i’m so busy with final year..dun have enough time to enjoy..=(


  1. well life is still life.

    The show must go on.


  2. haha..yeah
    u r right.
    we just have to make them dissapear, n then we go on with our own 'perfect' life.
    thanks weirdo.