today kitorang gaduh lagi..puncanye?aku jugak..huh

i know i’m being emotional…but what can i do,i’m just a girl/women in this big BIG world..hahha..yela2,ak yg salah…emosi sgt. but thankful he knows me already. dia tak naik angin macam dulu2 lagi. he just go with the flow….hehhe. last2 mesti dia reply, ‘nak buat macam mane’ . tengah2 aku marah, meluahkan perasaan at him, tibe2 je ak gelak bile tgk his facE..tak boleh nak marah la at him.huh..tak aci betol!

why some people act like a bitch!

what a way to start the year laa…i hate it when i’m being gOOd n peoPle do shit to ME! i can’t do nothing more..just leave..LEAVE! just hope for the worst to HER..yeah..u heard me rite, ak ni pendendam org nye. ak punya la layan pompuan ni yg bernama fiza bt ape ntah nama bapak dia…die bleh plak wat taik dgn ak..cittt!!!
rilek jela kan..after all,with her way of life,i don’t think she’ll make it any where (other than living in clubs dncing to techtonic! )..kihkihkih..welll GOOD LUCK with that!
now i’m so busy with final year..dun have enough time to enjoy..=(


erm…nape ek..gue tak tau nak xpress feeling gue cmne…bnyk nk citer..tp tak tau nak pen down wat…dari habis final smpi la cuti…mybe coz thiss stuff can b read by all kot..hehee..ntahla sumtimes i feel frens come n go..dunno la cmne nnt in the near future..but i know true frens will always stay by my side..when i’m down wit problems or when i’m flying high…i just hate it when i’m treated like a ‘thing’..neway cuti nih supposely work.but i’m not even started yet..hehee..sory kakza~…tgh melepak nye mood la right now~>..auww..i miss sum1 very much right now~>..hmmm..n another thing i’m not sure if i’m bad girl~..bad fren ker me?..huhuu…i just too tired of being nice~>..be nice u kene pijak kepala u know~…hermm nevermind la..ape la fiza mumbling nih…~..but one thing i’m sure..i’m quite happy the way my life is currently going..wlpn kekurengan kwn sedikit..it’s ok laa~>..still got sum who i can confide to~…mmmuahss to u people~>…