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Best dentist in damansara! DENTESSENCE DENTAL CLINIC

So yesterday on my offday i decided to get my teeth checked. I never liked going to the dentist. Its something that i take for granted. Most of people take for granted i think.
Like having your eyes checked, usually people won't go for an eye check up unless they already feel that they can't see or read the signboard anymore.
So like teeth, i feel my teeth are ok as long as i brush them everyday.
Boy was i wrong. Read on what the doctor had to say.

Beards brother BBQ

So last month, office sent me for a seminar on binocular vision.
Made me stayed indoor for 2 days straight so after the seminar finished i was desperately in need of a good relaxing stress reliever.
What better for stress relieving if not eating?


Photo from: Breakfast with audrey

Well Well ...

I just love her, Angelina Jolie. 

Seems like i've been missing from the blogging sphere haven't i? So many things happened in between my last post and now, so so many.
But lets not get that in the way. I'd like to tell a story about something close to my heart today.
Which is ..

Cara nak jimat hampir RM2k untuk melancong ke Bangkok.

Best kan tajuk? Nak tahu cara - cara dia sila baca sampai habis.
Bulan October baru - baru ni i pergi melancong ke Bangkok.
PTPTN clear alhamdulillah tak ada masalah. Of course la clear, payment tak pernah lepas.
Hutang harus dibayar walaupun PAHIT.
PTPTN suami pun di paksa bayar sebab i don't want him to end up with loads of shitty debts.
Oh PTPTN bila la nak di hapuskan.
Hai la blog. Last post 30 September.
LOL sangat. Apala yang busy sangat pija oi. Jangan la bagi blog ni bersawang.
Apa tak busynya dengan

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